SAV Damen / Groupe des Dames – Visit of the CERN in Geneva

Mesdames, Meine Damen, Ladies,

As part of the activities of the SAV / ASA Women’s group, I am organising a visit to the CERN in Geneva ( The 3-hours guided tour will give insights into the mysteries of the Universe and the work of the world’s biggest physics laboratory.

This visit is taking place on Thursday 8 March, at 2pm, and will be carried out in English. Those registering will receive more information on the trip (train timetable, lunch and / or drink location) by the end of February.

Please use this link to register

Note that the number of participants is limited. Hence I would very much appreciated it if you could let me know of any cancellation, should you need to change your plans.

Looking forward to seeing you there and catching up.

Kind regards,

Valérie Lebrun
078 667 1900

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