European Actuarial Academy

The European Actuarial Academy (EAA) was founded on 29 August,2005, by the Actuarial Associations of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. These four associations are also the EAA stakeholders. Its foundation was a response to the increased demand from Central and Eastern European countries for Actuary professionalisation. EAA strives to become the knowledge centre of European Actuary education. EAA has on offer:

EAA SERIES is the successor of the EAA Lecture Notes.

The European Actuarial Academy GmbH (EAA) proudly presents the EAA Series.
This is a series on actuarial topics in a broad and interdisciplinary sense, aimed at students, academics and practitioners in the fields of insurance and finance.

EAA SERIES inform timely and at a high level on theoretical and practical
aspects of e.g. risk management, internal models, solvency, asset-liability
management, market-consistent valuation, the actuarial control cycle,
insurance and financial mathematics, and other related interdisciplinary

EAA SERIES aim to serve as primary scientific reference for education,
research, development and model validation.

The type of material considered for publication includes lecture notes, monographs and textbooks. The former should meet the European Core Syllabus for actuarial education. All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

The timeliness of a manuscript is sometimes more important than its form,
which may be preliminary or tentative.